The Niagara Crop-Hyphen: The Final Frontier

Alternate Title: “Milking the Milky Way”

Looks like the strange little green guys have left.

My wife and I were not what they came for… this time.

Some other creature was not so lucky.

“The Ones from Above” came to interbreed with rats.

Take a look at the mutant offspring below, if you dare.

 This will be the last we will speak of this incident unless something really strange happens in the months that lie ahead.

The alien/rat lovechild.

Thank God this is over!

[If you’re wondering what happened that I’m glad is over, first go to My Close Encounter of the Second Kind and then to Update on the Niagara Crop-Hyphen.]

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15 responses to “The Niagara Crop-Hyphen: The Final Frontier

  • Martina

    A rather cute mutant!

  • Redneckprincess

    hahahaha…we call those sqeaky, snorty things…the noise they make is unreal…and the are ugly as hell…

    • Redneckprincess

      and that was supposed to be squeaky…and THEY are ugly as hell…ugh…

    • HoaiPhai

      I never saw one before moving here and they certainly are weird. They’re not very personable… they don’t interact with humans much, unlike the friendly raccoons and skunks. I’m not sure if I’ve heard their “voices” but I imagine they’re none too musical!

      Yoko, my Integra, has one of those rear licence plate holders that displays a message when you hit the brakes. I have mine programmed to read “Possum… the other white meat”.

  • xeriouslywtf

    This image frightens me. I think I have them in my roof.

  • The Hook

    That picture is going to haunt me for a long time….

  • elmediat

    My cats from the planet Feline would find them fascinating. Apparently this southern critters have hitched rides on trucks and made their way to Canada ( looking for better medical coverage) .

  • My Close Encounter of the Second Kind « HoaiPhai

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  • Update on the Niagara Crop-Hyphen « HoaiPhai

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  • vermontchupacabra

    Aliens and possums might be used by chupacabras to distract us from their activities. That moment of panic that comes the moment before you realize it’s just a possum under the porch? A chupacabra could take full advantage of that blind moment to dart past, behind you. We have no evidence to disprove this theory.

    In your second post, we see no chupacabras, perhaps because we are drawn toward the alien and, possibly because chupacabras blend into their surroundings so well.

    You don’t even want to know what we think the lawn hyphen might be. Hint: it might be a skid mark, but not the galactic kind.

    • HoaiPhai

      Your comment created a veritable hurricane of thought to take over the relative calm climate between my ears. I have checked and my community is shockingly wanting in chupacabra preparedness so I have sent the mayor a link to your website and to Art Bell as well.

      Speaking of bells, have you considered approaching Taco Bell to assist you in a fundraiser for your cause? Perhaps they could introduce a new product, the Chupacabra Chimichanga, and skim off a bit of the profits and redirect them to your foundation.

      By the way, a possum under the porch sounds like something Mae West would say, as in “Is that a possum under the porch or are you just glad to see me?”

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