Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

The entrance to Port Dalhousie, St. Catharines, Ontario predawn.

A man working on a ship that is crippled in The Welland Canal holds a ladder secure.

Here are my Weekly Photo Challenge contributions for this week. Seeing as my first two weekly entries each contained only one image, I committed myself to post more this time around. For better or worse, here are fourteen shots on the topic of “Entrance”.

I know that many people specialize in taking photographs of doorways, either for fun or profit. When I first heard of this speciality, I thought that their image collections must be quite boring but it is amazing how interesting a skilled photographer can make images of a single narrow subject.

After going through about 15,000 thumbnails this morning I learned something about myself… I’m not one of those guys! In the past I’ve thought about walking around and get the feel of this type of subject but never really got around to it except for one time. When I went to take a picture of my very first door, the owner of the house came running out and protested my efforts to immortalize his door on the silicone chip of my camera. Feeling like I didn’t have the requisite martial arts training that seemed useful in pursuing this art, I went and took a couple of landscape shots. Willows and beaches rarely kick up a fuss when a camera is pointed at them.

So here you’ll find a collection of images of bridges, locks, and even an occasional door from Southern Ontario and South Korea.

The entrance to The Screaming Tunnel — supposedly haunted by The Blue Ghost and the souls of those who died during the constriction of the Welland Canal.

A view of the access to The Welland Canal's Lock #2.

The door to Welland Canal's Lock #3 is open as a ship enters.

A little wear-and-tear is evident on a gate at Welland Canal's Lock #2.

As a ship enters The Welland Canal's Lock #2, the lift bridge's concrete counterweight lowers behind the level crossing style gates.

A ship entering the Welland Canal's Lock #2.

I call this photo of a group of Mennonite tourists watching a yacht pulling into Welland Canal's Lock #3 "Luxury & Necessity".

My backdoor, the steps, and some shoes.

A railway bridge linking North and South Korea.

Entrance to the compound in which some of South Korea's government buildings are situated. I'd love to have one of those pop-up barriers at the end of my driveway.

The entrance to a NOTL hotel is decorated for Christmas.

NOTL House at Night

Hope you enjoyed my little gallery of doors and things entering other places.

See you next week!

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