Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

Textile Texture

Icy Texture

Fabricated Texture

Layers of Texture

Drifting Texture

Metalic Texture

Surrounded by Texture

Celestial Texture

Rough Texture

Soft and Cuddly Texture

Hope you got a good feeling off my gallery of “textured” photos.

See you next week!

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24 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

  • :Punchie

    Cool HoaiPhai.

    Question: what is that item you photoed in “Surrounded by Texture”?

  • The Hook

    #4 was pretty cool! Great job.

    • HoaiPhai

      Thanks for the applause! #3 and #4 were both done on the same day when I was really itching to make images but way too tired and/or lazy to go anywhere so I set up a bunch of shots in my studio (i.e., on my livingroom coffee table). Any idea what #3 and #4 are?

  • Hippie Cahier

    I’m glad Punchie asked about the Chinese lantern plant’s lantern. I was wondering the same thing.

    Each week I think “oh, THESE are the best ones yet!” You are quite talented.

    • HoaiPhai

      Thanks for the compliment! I find photography the most oportunistic of the creative arts… the trick is to develop an eye for what a 3D scene in the world around you will look like in 2D and learn how to know what not to include of the stuff around it. It’s sort of like sportscasting, except on a visual level!

      We have some strange plants in my yard…Chinese lanterns, passion plants (very strange and beautiful flowers!), yew trees, nasturtium (the leaves are spicty tasting). Maybe it’s all the alien activity!

  • betharr

    Textile Texture is my favorite because all the time we are wrapped with it.
    and your picture I can feel the softness. is it perhaps a quilt?
    beautiful! probably made in China? 🙂

    • HoaiPhai

      The thing I photographed for Textile Texture is a long strip of fabric for covering the seat cushions of our sofa. You have a good eye… it’s made in Korea and is very typical of Korean fabrics in that it uses many different colours for an overall effect and that it does have a quilt-like quality to it. The Teddy bear, the last picture on that post, is wearing a hanbok, the Korean women’s national costume (but I got it from the U.S.).

  • jennygoth

    love the quilt great pics and lots of detail no knickers lol xxjen

    • HoaiPhai

      It’s a seat cover for our sofa so your “no knickers” comment is most appropriate! I took the picture one day in the middle of February when it was so cold and damp outside but the way the light hit the fabric, it made me think of spring.

  • Mike Lilly

    Wow, there’s lots to like here. My favorite of the batch is Drifting Texture, it’s so simple and graphic. I’m also loving Mettalic Texture and Rough Texture, because of, you know, the textures! Terrific set of images.

    • HoaiPhai

      Thanks! The Drifting and Metallic shots were both HDRIs but my aim was to try to keep the changes to the best-of-the-bracketing-set image as minor as possible. The Rough one was very satisfying… one of those serendipitous shots where your just walking by and something presents itself in a way that is slightly surreal to the mind’s eye while the other side of the brain is telling you that the image will come out as you perceive it.

      I find that when I go through my archives for photos fot the weekly challenge, I have to skip over shots that would not look good at the 471 pixel horizontal limit of this WordPress theme. I tend to shoot images that work best larger and print my favourites at 8 x 10.

  • nigel

    Very interesting choice for texture… nicely taken

  • The Good Greatsby

    These are all great choices. I enjoyed the variety. Well done.

    • HoaiPhai

      Shieh shieh! I usually end up posting a truckload of images in response to these challenges because as I’m sifting through the thousands of photos, I find it tough to decide on just one or two that really shine as perfect examples.

      I have to tell you that not only are your posts brilliantly written (every friggin’ day!) but the images you use are inspired. Many thanks for the many smiles!

  • kenkiz

    un bien belle brochette de texture !

  • Martina

    Wow! Wonderful choice of textures! And thank you for your comment on my blog, it helped a lot!
    I was wondering about that plant but then I saw your answer to another comment asking about it and went to look up for “chinese lantern plant” on the internet…that’s one amazing plant 😀 will have to see if I can find it here in Sardinia!

    • HoaiPhai

      It’s a beautiful plant, but my neighbours aren’t that happy that I have it….it’s spreading into other people’s yards! I have a couple of really invasive plants growing in the garden, like mint (yummy!) and passion flowers which are beautiful but have grown to about 25 feet in height in the past and are coming up all over the place. The kind of remind me of triffids from the old movie.

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