Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

Take a good look... this is the only image that will meet your expectations.

So here are my submissions for this week’s topic, “Fall”.

Unfortunately, I live in Canada’s Deep South and the leaves have not yet begun to change, except for on my neighbour’s maple which has had dalmation spots on its leaves since June.

Now I’m not one to complain [please ignore that I have an entire category named “Rants”] but wouldn’t it have been better to hold off on this challenge for a couple of weeks? I mean, to find any significant autumnal tree chromafication this week, you’d have to go way far north, say to Puvirnituq, Quebec.

I met a guy from Puvirnituq once. He was wearing a t-shirt  which sported a photo of a mosquito that his community had invested in to attract tourists to this remote village. When I questioned the wisdom of trying to attract tourists with a mosquito, he said that all they have up there are mosquitos and rocks and the townspeople voted that mosquitos would be a better draw for tourist dollars.

You can find Puvirnituq on Google Maps. It will show the caisse populare, i.e. the credit union, but not a single road. If you do make your way there, good luck finding fall colours. Maybe the mosquitos and black flies can direct you to some.

I started looking around the archives for some nice fall shots, starting with the files from my newer camera. I found a couple, but was not too impressed, and did not want to dive into the 12,000 images taken with my old camera even though I know there are some nice ones there. Pardon my lack of dilligence but I have a bit of the ‘flu and am feeling very lazy.

In the new camera files, I did, however, came across some pictures having to do with the word “fall”, in the non-autumnal sense of the word. Here they are!

I live in between two major international airports (Toronto and Buffalo) but far enough away from both that I rarely ever hear the noise of large aircraft. The sound of this large bird drew me and my camera outdoors.

As it approached, I could see that someone left the "tailgate" down!

What the deuce? Something's falling out!

A paratrooper!

At least the chute opened. Please note the orange of the chute... very autumn-like, eh?

Two guys (or gals) float to earth somewhere in the vicinity of The Welland Canal.

The plane, with military markings, circles around one last time...

...and heads off to places unknown.

Hope you enjoyed my gallery of “fall” photos.

See you next week!

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23 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

  • Badpanda22

    What a cool set of images! I like your post very much 🙂

  • greysqrl

    good interpretation of ‘fall’ 🙂

  • Redneckprincess

    cool…although the thought of parachuting out of a plane scares the living hell out of me…

  • gojulesgo

    Fall is my favorite time of year! I’m glad you take such nice photographs, because this girl doesn’t even own a camera (blame the mamarazzi at my house, I never had to – she has it covered!). I wish the season lasted longer, though! The trees explode with color and then you blink and it’s over.

    Just noticed I was on your blog roll – thank you so much!! I was thinking of doing a blog roll or blog page!

    • HoaiPhai

      Any time of year that doesn’t feature insurance-premium-boosting ice on the road is my favourite. I cannot imagine not having a camera to record for the benefit of future generations squirrels planking, skunks foraging, and the rear ends of aquatic birds (keep an eye out for a future post on this topic!). My dad was the papa-razzi (multi-pun intended) but he died when I was eight. My cretin older brother inherited Dad’s camera and took it with him on a tour of Europe’s finer youth hostels and sold the device I coveted in Amsterdam because he needed the money for food and lodging (yeah, right. Maybe Mom believed that). After that I learned to be optically self-sufficient and have avoided all things Dutch, on principle, except their licorice and my high school girlfriend.

      As for my blogroll, I designed my own widget that automatically inserts a visitor’s blog link into my blogroll (which is made up of the last 26 people who visited my blog) in real time, making even people I didn’t know had blogs feel special. I’m planning on leasing it out under the name “Blizzle”. That’s rap-ese for “blogroll lister” and “Pull up your gangsta pants, Homey!” Want to test out the beta version?

  • The Hook

    Very nice job! We really are surrounded by nature’s infinite wonder, aren’t we?

    • HoaiPhai

      Thanks! I know in my blog I complain sometimes about not being able to get certain cuts of pork, chocolate butter creme filled donuts, weapons-grade coffee, etc. but I stay for the seemingly scheduled visits from the skunks and possums (possa?) and the zillion types of birds that are around. Oh yeah, the plants too!

    • HoaiPhai

      I don’t think so, unless it was a covert mission. The plane had a Canadian Forces (RCAF) roundel on the wing. I’ll post a picture of it to this comment thread when I get home (in about 8 hours).

  • Mike Lilly

    Holy smokes, I think you were being invaded! Does Canada have enemies? Nice catch with that series, I see airplanes from my back yard all the time making their approach to Charleston Yeager Airport, but I’ve get to see one lose any of its passengers. (note to self, keep camera with you at all times).

    • HoaiPhai

      Yeah, I was quite “surprised” that day to not only see a large plane, but a military-issue plane dropping guys within about a mile of my house (the photos were taken hand-held with a 500mm on my 1.5 crop factor DSLR)! The parachute guys must have landed very close to the Welland Canal, which is the part of the St. Lawrence Seaway connecting Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. On one side, it’s a residential area. On the other is a heavily-treed area. The only place that I figure they intended to go is the parking lot of a GM plant. But if they were Airborne troops, they probably could have landed on my driveway is they wanted to.

      As for enemies of Canada, just the usual psychos who don’t like pluralistic democracies. Apart from that, we’re coming up on the bicentennial of The War of 1812… do you think Washington is still steamed that Canada managed a “tie”? The paratroopers did land within about 15 miles of where the guys who torched Washington left from! If it was The U.S., the CIA must have been involved…the plane had Canadian Forces markings! Did you ever watch the movie Canadian Bacon? It was filmed in this area!

  • Martina

    Oh I was expecting more fall-fall pictures, you know yellow leaves and stuff…but then I saw the airplane pictures and the parachute guys’, amazing ones! Nothing you can see often here in Italy 😦
    great post !

    • HoaiPhai

      Thanks, Martina! You might be seeing more of those guys…there’s a rumour going around that Canada’s planning an invasion of Sardinia. We could use a territory with a nice climate!

  • theplaceswevebeen

    Seems like you lucked out catching the paratroopers in flight. Great photos!

  • The Good Greatsby

    Great sequence of pictures telling a story.

    • HoaiPhai

      But, unfortunately, the story has no ending. I have no idea what they were doing here. It would be funny if it was a two-man invasion by Canadian Forces on our own country! Thanks for dropping by.

  • jennygoth

    great pics the tree looked kind of fallish lol plane ones really good i hate flying like my feet on the ground wouldnt invite me the thought of mozzies but id love the rocks have fun xxjen

    • HoaiPhai

      I would think that being on a plane would inspire you to write about being carried away by a giant mozzie, but escaping by using a shroud as a parachute! The tree is really cool…it’s a yew tree that looks like a pine but in the fall all the tiny leaves turn yellow and fall off. There is a similar-looking pine right next to it that keeps green all winter. It’s nice in the spring to see them both green at the same time again, like two friends getting back together.

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