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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

Stump in the Water (not a Deep Purple song).

While out at a pond with my family, I was intrigued by all the life and activity just below the surface of the water around this inert stump but I was being called to join the rest of the people I was with so I didn’t take the time to put a polarizer on the lens. As is often the case, what I thought would be a “good enough” picture just wasn’t after I uploaded the day’s images to my computer and took a closer look. So I decided to do some tweaking.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

A turkey vulture (I think) looking for an opportunity in the misfortune of another. Taken handheld with a Reflex-Nikkor C 500mm f/8 mounted on a D300.

Apologies for a hastily prepared submission to this week’s challenge!
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Recumbent Review: The Mighty Reflex-Nikkor C 500mm f/8

WARNING! This post includes photos featuring annular bokeh, which may offend and nauseate some photographers. Viewer discretion is advised.

About the Recumbent Reviews

Welcome to the the third in the series of Recumbent Reviews!

This series of articles will examine photographic equipment and accessories from an ordinary user’s point of view. You’ll find none of that snooty “I’m an expert so my opinion is the final word” guff you get from the professional reviewers you’ll find elsewhere on the interwebs. Here we’ll break new ground by throwing out a lot of opinion seasoned with speculation with a side order of silliness and whimsy. Ranting and raving are all part of the local colour!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy yourself while learning all about stuff that will help you take better pictures while draining your bank account.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Promise


Promise... to be mine always.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Challenge photo.

See you next week!

Everybody Loves Ramyun

Ramyun: Simple, Quick, Inexpensive, Nutritious, and Delicious when done right. Please note: This is not what ramyun looks like... I snapped this photo while waiting for the water to boil.

Ramyun, which you may know by its Japanese name “ramen”, is a noodle soup from The Orient. Those of us who are not Asian by origin or ancestry probably think of ramyun as a cheap instant noodle soup, but in Korea and Japan it is an actual food with restaurants devoted to its preparation and everything! The dehydrated product we find on store shelves bears as much resemblance to “real” ramyun as a dry packaged chicken noodle soup does to homemade. The packaged variety is a favourite among Asian students because it costs next to nothing, can be made in just a few minutes, and keeps on the shelf almost forever.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

Comfort: Being close to someone you love and who loves you. (HoaiPhai's on the left and Mrs. HoaiPhai's on the right)

Comfort means many things to many people. It can, of course, mean physical comfort of something more emotional.
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It’s That Time Again!

Go, Habs, Go!Hockey Season!

If you think the average Canadian is nuts about hockey, Montrealers go absolutely psychotic at the mere thought of hockey season. Sure, there are die-hard fans in every NHL city but my hometown’s population has got to take the cake for hockey fixation. Everyday Montrealers’ children are being named Boom Boom Geoffrion, Serge Sevard, Rocket Richard, Patrick Roy, and Guy Lafleur, and those are just the girls’ names!
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Buffalo, New York as seen from Fort Erie, Ontario. The setting sun is reflected off a building's windows making the structure seem as though it's made of gold.

Here some shots I took that have something to do with sunsets! Frankly, I don’t have that many floating around because the time of day sunset usually rolls around is a busy time for me. I’m usually shopping, making dinner, or possibly napping. Just wait for the week The Challenge topic is sunrises!
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