Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Buffalo, New York as seen from Fort Erie, Ontario. The setting sun is reflected off a building's windows making the structure seem as though it's made of gold.

Here some shots I took that have something to do with sunsets! Frankly, I don’t have that many floating around because the time of day sunset usually rolls around is a busy time for me. I’m usually shopping, making dinner, or possibly napping. Just wait for the week The Challenge topic is sunrises!

Taken my first winter living in Ontario and before I got my bearings, this scene was captured somewhere in Niagara-on-the-Lake (I think).

Queenston Heights, Ontario.

Looking west toward Port Weller on Lake Ontario from the park behind Happy Rolph's Bird Sanctuary in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Winter fishing at Port Dalhousie in St. Catharines, Ontario.

The photo below was taken in February of 2004 (on the same day I took the winter fishing photo above) with my Nikon 5700 from the pier at Port Dalhousie, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. The body of water is Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes. It might seem familiar to you because I included it in my first-ever Weekly Photo Challenge submission, “Colorful” but I’ve recycling it here because it’s one of my personal favourite sunset photos taken by yours truly.

Port Dalhousie Sunset

See you again next week in my next submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge!

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28 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

  • Stepping My Way to Bliss

    I was briefly excited about the Sunset challenge too until I searched my photos and found I don’t really have that many…but I have even less Sunrise ones. I really like the last 3 shots–very nice. : )

    • HoaiPhai

      It gets tough choosing pictures you have too many of, too! I’m waiting for a Challenge that calls for horseradish soaking in water… I only took pictures of that on one occasion.

  • theplaceswevebeen

    Nice photos! I like the winter fishing photo the most.

    • HoaiPhai

      That was a really cold and damp day and I spent about an hour within a few meters of that spot taking pictures of that fisherman and the sunset. Unfortunately, there is land at the horizon so there is no chance for a green flash.


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  • Badpanda22

    Hey I love the ice fishing sunset one! I like the contrast of ice and sun, brill 😀

    Also cheers for the visit to my blog and your great comments, much appreciated. I really like your style Hoaiphai! 🙂 Good to meet ya!

    • HoaiPhai

      The day I did the ice fishing shot was not only productive (photographically speaking) but thatguy was a total stranger who I brazenly shot. The guy was great, not minding, and I eventually asked him to pose face toward the camera and did so! It’s nt typical of me… I don’t like sticking my camera in people’s faces, not even family and friends.

      I love your blog and photos, too! I’m glad I found you. Your photos look like stills from puppet animation features, only “warmer” and more personal.

  • betharr

    all say something about the heavy northern hemisphere winter.
    but the artists are geting wonderful pictures abou this subject.
    such an amazing collection, H!
    so difficult to choose. 🙂

    • HoaiPhai

      The winter here is strange…so bleak and barren. It always makes me think about what it must have been like for people long ago and their struggle just to survive. About the photos, I try not to choose favourites, I just look and see what each one says to me. Some talk louder than others but I try to understand the message of each. I hope that when I comment on your photos, you don’t feel I’m judging them as better or worse. I appreciate the time and work you put into them all and try to listen to hear what the scenes were saying to you to make you want to capture and share threm! Thanks for the visit, Beth!

  • Redneckprincess

    Amazing shots my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nigel

    Wow. Some truly gorgeous photographs

  • jennygoth

    fantastic sunsetsall of them xxjen

    • HoaiPhai

      Sunsets are always a bit sad, even when spectacular — the end of one day without the promise of another. Sunrises are much more cheery and always feel (to me, anyway) like they are cleansing the world of the darkness.

  • Mike Lilly

    Nice collection of sunsets, I’m loving the fisherman photo. I like to fish myself, but not when it involves ice or snow! That is hardcore.

    • HoaiPhai

      Thanks for the compliment! I’m usually a fair weather photog (but not too fair… my defoliated scalp burns easily and I find that high humidity is not conducive to the creative processes) but I was going through the shutter-bug’s version of cabin fever. I hadn’t taken any pictures in a while and just needed to exercise the camera. I agree about ice fishing — I pay Cap’n Highliner to do it for me! I have another one of the same fisherman where I exposed for him and everything else is washed out so it didn’t fit the criterion for this sunset theme but watch for it… I’m sure that “ice” or “winter” will come around as a theme all too soon!

  • nigel

    Very interesting how much the sun can affect a photograph.

  • Dave Farmer

    Loved that last photo. If it was any bigger I’d have that set as my desktop. Gorgeous colours. Reminds me of a fancy cocktail!

    • HoaiPhai

      What’s your display resolution? I’ll send you a copy at your specs.

      I like that cocktail idea… how about Hypnotiq for the blue, Grenadine for the red, fizzy orange juice for the orange, and Amaretto for the yellow in a glass with water pre-frozen in the bottom. We’ll call it “I Got Noobed in Port Dalhousie”. Thanks for my next hangover!

  • ceceliafutch

    It is hard to pick a favorite, so I won’t. All are lovely shots. Beautiful

    • HoaiPhai

      Thanks for not choosing a favourive among “my children”. When looking through photos to print or to submit to these challenges, I always feel guilty about passing over the other photos. When taking them, I had such high hopes but, somehow, I failed them and they didn’t get the start to allow them to “grow up” into a successful photo.

  • The Hook

    You do our little neck of the woods proud, my friend!
    Nicely done.

    • HoaiPhai

      Thank you kindly! I’m a relative newcomer to these here parts and am still finding my way around. Sunsets are tough because they are at a time of day that the hustle-bustle of life always seems to put the dibs on so I don’t have the chance to scout around for any good vantage points.

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