Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

Comfort: Being close to someone you love and who loves you. (HoaiPhai's on the left and Mrs. HoaiPhai's on the right)

Comfort means many things to many people. It can, of course, mean physical comfort of something more emotional.

Comfort can be found in a favourite place on a warm summers' day.

It can also be found just about anywhere, if you're of the right mind.

The most comforting of all is knowing that there's someone there who loves you enough to lift a finger for you.

Hope you enjoyed my gallery of “comfort” photos.

See you next week!

Readers please note: Sorry I haven’t been there too much for you over the past two weeks. Work and my personal time have been challenged with some new things going on. My previous post about hockey was prepared a month ago and set to auto-publish. I’m trying to find the time to visit your blogs and contribute the silly comments you’ve come to expect from me. This week will be another bear, and not the cute and cuddly kind, but I’m trying to find the time to catch up on my blogging-related activities!

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30 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

  • ::Ruby::

    “Comfort: Being close to someone you love and who loves you.”

    So true, yet it’s hard to find such a “someone”… And I like your photos, as always, especially the first one!

    • HoaiPhai

      Thanks for taking the time to look at the photos and I’m glad you liked them. My life really changed when I found my “người tình trăm năm” but it wasn’t easy to find her. I had had a couple of years of bad luck that led me to a job teaching English and my wife was one of my students (she wasn’t my wife then…you know what I mean!). I wasn’t really looking for anyone at the time but I found a jewel just as I was emerging a difficult time in my life. Don’t give up hope!

  • Stepping My Way to Bliss

    Great gallery! As for the note to reader…it must be an October thing because effective Monday I will be on hiatus (I have the au revoir post already done) for a few weeks. Crazy, busy lives. ~~Bliss

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort « Cheryl Andrews

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  • wordsfallfrommyeyes

    Oh, love love love the little hand holding the finger. That is just SO endearing. We’re like giants.

    • HoaiPhai

      The baby was just a couple of weeks old and the big finger belonged to her six-year-old cousin. It was great to see him care so much for her! Thanks for dropping by!

  • ceceliafutch

    Your gallery of comfort photos is superb! Each photo tells its own story of comfort, all valid, all real. Very touching. . . and comforting. Thank you.

    • HoaiPhai

      Thank you so much! My posts lately have been kind of hurried and there were a few other photos I had in mind to include but just ran out of time. It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and all but one sibling went to my brother’s place for dinner and my wife was almost ready to go, and … Sometimes less really can be more!

  • liz2you

    Good, Picked up the challenge on Photo this week; Textured, yet?

  • betharr

    I loved the “place on a warm summers’ day”.
    I need this serenity 🙂

    • HoaiPhai

      I live in a small city and work in a small town. The “warm summers’ day” picture was taken at a place called Port Weller where the Welland Canal enters Lake Ontario. I once heard on the radio about a two-car accident in a shopping mall parking lot! In the town in which I work, sometimes the loudest noises are parties across the river in the U.S.!

      If you need some peace and quiet and have vacation time coming, just ask me and I can recommend some very peaceful places here in Canada!

  • nigel

    Teddy bears… awesome 🙂

    • HoaiPhai

      The teddy bears are my wife’s… she loves them. The one on the right is wearing a Korean han bok and the one on the left is a replica of Mr. Bean’s “Teddy”. I’m a bit on the goofy side, at times, so she claims the Bean bear is me and the other is her (she’s Korean).

  • The Good Greatsby

    I really did find these pictures comforting. I may add a couple of these to the slideshow I watch to help control my rages.

    • HoaiPhai

      Be my guest! If you like I can print them on tranparent sticky stuff and you can put them right on your glasses. I have photos of non-bloodshot eyes on my glasses in case the police ever pull me over after I’ve had a few.

  • jennygoth

    loved this the best feeling in the world is being loved and knowing someone cares and the love you feel for others xxjen

  • pegoleg

    If you think that bench speaks to comfort, I’ve got a bed ‘o nails you might be interested in – barely used!

    Love the photo of the little hands – it’s so sweet.

    • HoaiPhai

      My body has adapted, over the decades, to my sedentary lifestyle (damned computers!) by strategically depositing a cushiony substance at my points of contact to sitting appliances rendering even hard “cheap seat” stadium benches comfortable, except that there’s no back support. I always wondered if laying on a bed of nails has ever triggered a weird acupunctural reaction, like causing someone to grow an extra row of teeth or something.

      • pegoleg

        That’s the only down side to losing weight. I seem to be losing all seat cushioning, but not in a good way. I will soon need to start carrying a pillow around.

        Exactly which pressure point on the body causes the extra teeth growth, O Master of Oriental Mysticism? That would be great info to have and practice on one’s enemy.

      • HoaiPhai

        Over the years my weight situation has been the opposite of yours. My schedule is all over the place so even on my days off I don’t have the energy to do the exercises I enjoyed doing in my youth, like walking from bar to bar and then engaging in the high-impact aerobic stumble all the way home. The result is that my “six pack abs” have transformed into a junior party keg.

        As for the extra row of teeth, I have never actually observed such a mutation, although both my father and I had a third permanent upper incisors come in behind the regular upper right incisor, but neither he nor I have ever kipped on a swami’s sofa. Given acupuncture’s various modalities — such as acupressure, electroacupuncture, sonopuncture, and even moxibustion — the precise insertion of a needle of stringent specifications at a particular location doesn’t seem to be required to trigger a physiological response via the acupunctural effect. It seems quite possible, if not likely, that casual inadvertent stimulation of a single point could result in some unforeseen side-effect, and if two points are stimulated simultaneously in combinations not recommended by traditional teachings then God only knows what strange bodily changes may be produced. It seems that ever since the government has required children to be restrained in special car seats the incidence of childhood asthma and food allergies, e.g. peanuts, has skyrocketed. Could this be due to the car seats applying pressure to one or more of the acupuncture points?

      • pegoleg

        Interesting theory. I suggest you apply for some Stimulous money to study the phenomenon.

  • Mike Lilly

    Nicely stated, both in words and pictures.

  • Badpanda22

    I really like your response to this theme, I found that I struggled with this one, but you took to it like a duck to water! 🙂

    • HoaiPhai

      Thanks for your input! I game across photos of textures and of things that were comfortable but I was in kind of a melancholy mood so I went with these shots, but was pressed for time. I really wish the powers that be would think up the topic the day before and set their publish button on auto set for early in the morning so I’d be able to get a jump on the challenge each week!

  • The Hook

    I found this post quite comforting! Excellent work.

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