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Recumbent Review: The Mighty Reflex-Nikkor C 500mm f/8

WARNING! This post includes photos featuring annular bokeh, which may offend and nauseate some photographers. Viewer discretion is advised.

About the Recumbent Reviews

Welcome to the the third in the series of Recumbent Reviews!

This series of articles will examine photographic equipment and accessories from an ordinary user’s point of view. You’ll find none of that snooty “I’m an expert so my opinion is the final word” guff you get from the professional reviewers you’ll find elsewhere on the interwebs. Here we’ll break new ground by throwing out a lot of opinion seasoned with speculation with a side order of silliness and whimsy. Ranting and raving are all part of the local colour!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy yourself while learning all about stuff that will help you take better pictures while draining your bank account.

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