Monthly Archives: November 2011

In Praise of French Kissing

I miss French Kissing… my wife and I don’t do it anymore and it seems like it just never caught on here in Ontario between friends and acquaintances.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

A scene from HoaiPhai's wine dungeon.

Truly breakfast is the most important drink of the whole day.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

The wonder of the beauty of a flowers intricate structure and colour.

“Wonder” can mean to ponder, or that which is pondered. Scientists, artists, philosophers, and craftsmen all wonder about truths and ways to realize dreams.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Kind of a prophetic theme for The Challenge this week… Windows.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my computer for the past month or so. In its old age it had been getting harder and harder to turn it on and then last week it just wouldn’t do anything more than make an “urr-URR-uur… tink” sound. One of my superpowers is knowing when women have had enough of my company, so I applied this knowledge to the fine art of computer troubleshooting. Continue reading

Quietly Battling Photographic Orthodoxy

About nine years ago, I moved into a new community where I knew few people and I became, frankly, a bit lonely. I heard that there was a local photography club so I decided to check it out hoping to learn about the art I love and perhaps make a friend or two.

I was relatively new to digital photography and hadn’t had a decent film camera in years but my passion was still there. In terms of getting images to work to spec in printed documents, I had some experience with image-editing software as a pre-press technician but wanted to learn more about getting the most from digital photography from the standpoint of creativity. Surely an established camera club would be the ideal forum for the exploration of the new possibilities digital photography had to offer.
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