When it Rains, it Pours… Another “Versatile Blogger Award”!

I have been given another Versatile Blogger Award, this time by Dark Pines Photo whose photos are sometimes dark, sometimes have pines in them, but are always works of singular creative genius.

This is my third such honour and I’m embarrassed to say that my second VBA went unanswered (since September 19 of this year)… until now. Do visit Cecelia Futch’s blog, Inspired Vision. She really makes you feel like you’re part of her life as she opens up about family, her life in a new location, and the tribulations and the simple joys of life. She really makes you feel like you’re sitting across the table from her sharing a few minutes and catching up on what has been going on since you last saw her. She takes a mean photo, too!

That west-coast blogging dynamo and Canada’s answer to Elly May Clampett, The Redneck Princess, was the first to nominate me for this honour in September by sticking my name, my IP address, and my earmuff size in an old Waylon Jennings cassette box and heaving it at an out-of-country tax evader who frequently stops by where she works to “mean mouth” the staff and try to fraudulently unload weathered lawn plumbing that she didn’t even buy there. If you’ve read my acceptance post to that first VBA, you’ll notice that I stole the first line of this paragraph from myself.

Confused? Not as confused as I am as to why I’ve been nominated for one Versatile Blogger Award, let alone three. Lately I’ve been a rather poor “blog buddy” in that I have not been reading others’ blogs or vandalizing people’s comments sections. I have had some of that force which is most destructive to bloggers seep into my life, that negative blogging energy being stuff going on in the real world.

Any of you who have read my blog to any extent, and anyone who knows me in the Real World, have indubitably come to the conclusion that reality and I don’t get along very well. Even in my posts that tap dance around real topics about real things, like my Recumbent Reviews, I don’t like to be anchored too much to that evil and constraining gremlin called reality.

I’m feeling a little guilty over being nominated but not having contributed much lately, like a high school kid who had been caught by the vice-principal trying to get back into school after cutting fourth period History class with pizza juices all over his face and looking desperately for an excuse. I cannot find an excuse but I’ve had my reasons for being “absent” from blogging… my wife has been laid off so now she is around all the time so now whenever I want to do something, a plate of food arrives along with a long conversation about what we have to do as soon as I finish eating. And then I speak with her grand-niece for about an hour and a half almost every day to help her with her English, I’ve had a couple of photo jobs lately, and I got a second printer and have been testing the various papers I use and setting up colour management policies (The good news: the new printer is up and running with an operator semi-confident in producing predictable results. The bad news: because I didn’t bother to use strict colour management techniques with the old printer but used a self-styled method of getting good results on the old printer, the old printer is not outputting as predictably as before…*sigh*). Not only that but with Christmas just around the corner and an old friend threatening to spend a few days with us and HoaiPhai Jr. has already confirmed that he’s bringing his new girlfriend over for a few days and we have only one guest room, so I have to shovel off some floorspace to put an inflatable mattress in case my friend doesn’t like sleeping on the couch. And the bathroom and all the floors need cleaning. And I had the flu. And we still haven’t sent out our Christmas cards or mailed a package of Christmas gifts to some of the grand-nieces and grand-nephews in Korea. Oh, did I tell you I work for a living? And I work nights, which screws up the old schedule even more in that every week I have to endure the equivalent of two nine-hour jet lag sessions and I sleep most of the first of my two days off. And I’ve misplaced those little insurance papers that you’re supposed to keep in your car so even though law enforcement and the insurance industry are in bed together on good enough terms that if I get a ticket the cops send the conviction to the insurance company so my rates go up but they’re not friendly enough for the insurance company to send my policy number and expiration date to the cops so I wouldn’t have to keep a piece of paper the size of a mouse’s Kleenex in my car at all times, I have to go pick up another one at the insurance office.

Does anyone out there have a connection for Prozac, Thorazine, or Preparation-H?

Anyways, according to the original literature, with this award comes responsibility — there are rules, and obligations, and all kinds of stuff that I don’t have the time to do right now because I went off on a major rant in the paragraph before last…

  1. “Thank and link to the person who nominates you.” [I’ve done this already in the first two paragraphs of this post!]
  2. “Share seven random facts about you.” [Covered! Please read the 5th and 6th paragraphs and if you still want to know more, write me and ask me specific questions.]
  3. “Pass this award on to five new blogging friends.” [Aw, crumbs. This sounds like it’s going to take time that I don’t have. Please check out my Blogroll on the right and choose anyone who I didn’t already mention in my first VBA response, i.e. The Hook, The Hobbler, BadlandsBadley, Hippie Cahier, The Simian Monologues, The Good Greatsby, and consider them my choice. If I were to list off ten more and added the six who I gave the award to previously plus the three who nominated me, that would leave a minority of Blogrollers out and they might feel pouty or want to be mean to me, so I don’t know if I should do it. Wait a minute… maybe I’ll try to fulfil this requirement tomorrow or the next day… keep an eye out for it!]
  4. “Contact and congratulate the awarded bloggers.” [Will do it tomorrow or the next day!]
 That being said, I haven’t forgotten you, dear reader, or my blog. I have a bunch of partially finished posts lying around that I’ve been writing bit-by-bit instead of trying to get a word in edgewise with Mrs. HoaiPhai and some of them will be up soon, including:
  • Last week’s “Celebrations” photo challenge.
  • A super-easy Greek recipe.
  • A major rant about e-mails and the people who send them.
  • A post about cooking and kitchen equipment.
  • An end-of-year review (at this rate, it might be up around tax time!).
  • A super special post slated for the third week of January (it’s a time-sensitive thing). It’s extremely long, even by my standards, so you might want to book time off work. It’s almost ready to go but I need to take one more photo, am trying to coordinate a time with my intended model, and I have one or two more paragraphs to write but it will be up the 18th or 19th of January.
  • I’m itching to do another Recumbent Review (but haven’t even started one yet).

Have a good day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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18 responses to “When it Rains, it Pours… Another “Versatile Blogger Award”!

  • Carl D'Agostino

    I taught high school history for 33 years. You are supposed to be cutting algebra or that stupid foreign language they make you take. But never history. If you cut my class again I will come right over for home visitation.Since you missed you must read chapter 19 and be ready to spell and define the vocab words. I also am friends with the guy at the pizza shop and have spies in the mall too.

    • HoaiPhai

      Let me tell you about history… as my Grade 9 history teacher Mr. Braitewaite, who was a giant in his field just like Dolly Parton and Pamela Anderson are in their sweaters, once said while addressing the issue of history angst, “Learning history is just like listening to your mom’s stories at bedtime, only she wouldn’t prevent you from graduating if you cannot remember the exact number of years that Rumpelstiltskin slept”, and truer words were never spoken. The current events of my youth (living under martial law in Montreal, The October Crisis, watching the moon landing, Fat Tommy and I getting barred from a Chinese buffet for over-consumption, events arising after dialing numbers in my little black book from my bachelor days, etc.) are the history of today.

      The “foreign” languages offered by The English School Board of Greater Montreal have served us well. Without French an anglophone lad stands little chance of scoring in the years following high school as most of the girls in the city speak French (I am proud to say my son is fluently bilingual) — to learn that language is to be community minded. As for Spanish, let’s say it’s a really cold winter and you wanted to thaw your bones in Miami… how is one to be served in a restaurant if you don’t know the language? They also offered German. Now you’re a history-oriented individual, wouldn’t you say that the Germans have a centuries-long track record of showing up unannounced in other countries and holding German language pop quizzes? In our school’s course calendar German wasn’t listed under the “optional” heading, it was under “precautions”.

      As for algebra, I have found this to be invaluable throughout my life. Take, for example, the problem “If there’s a flood in Louisiana and a train leaves Washington with a shipment of FEMA trailers with inadequate air conditioning systems for a semi-tropical climate to act as temporary shelters, 1.) How many months will they take to get there? and 2.) Will they be buoyant?”. The beauty of mathematics lies in it’s eternal truth which is illustrated by the fact that the answers to the above questions would be the same had FEMA shipped the trailers to the Sahara, The Mekong Delta, or to Ice Station Zebra.

      That being said, Mr. Braitewaite (and two weeks’ detention) did instill in me an appreciation for history — one of my all-time favourite books is Dave Barry Slept Here. Maybe you know it.

  • ceceliafutch

    Oh my! It sounds like you have had (are having) quite a time of it! What can I say? I’ve not been visiting my friends either. But my quarter is finished in a matter of days and I’ll be freed up to get back to my busy blogging ways. Hang in there. It is good to see you again, my friend. Congrats on the award, and thanks for the pingback. 🙂

    • HoaiPhai

      Again, I’m sorry about not responding to your nomination sooner. My life hasn’t been quite as hectic as I made it sound but a lot of things have encroached on my blogging time. Also, my wife is not intrusive and demanding like I painted her. Hopefully, I’ll have more of a chance to come around for a visit to your blog in the coming weeks!

  • Ape No. 1

    Hang in there Hoaiphster. Looking forward to those blogs. In your own time my Racoon friend.

    • HoaiPhai

      One thing raccoons are good at is not letting the world get us down. It’s winter up here and the days are growing shorter. It’s warming up this morning to 0° C but will only get colder as the months pass. This inhibits microbial action so the BS tends to pile up and causes us to walk that much more slowly and carefully. With the impending surplus of BS you’ll be sure to find a lot more of it here on my blog. Happy summer to you, by the way!

  • mairedubhtx

    Congratulations. You deserve the award.

  • Stepping My Way to Bliss

    Congratulations! I am just glad we are going to be hearing more from you…eventually. Don’t stress about your blog or apologize for having a life. We are here and will take what you can give when you can give it. Thanks for the heads up on the forthcoming January dissertation…I will be keeping my schedule open. ~~Bliss

    • HoaiPhai

      Thanks for the congratulations! The sad thing is that I’m hopeless at multitasking. I’m very linear and as soon as something interrupts one project, it’s hard for me to gain momentum again. The January verbiage fest is already just shy of 4,800 words (with a couple hundred, perhaps, to go), no less than 11 photos, and two videos. Maybe I shouldn’t said anything about it because I’m not sure if it will be able to stand up to the hype. So lay in the wake-up pills in case you read it and doze off expecting something worth all the electrons to display it on your computer screen!

  • betharr

    rainy days and a lot of theater cine
    but I have some time to greet friends.
    movies, videos, photos
    can we live without it?
    often doze off in front of art, yeah

    • HoaiPhai

      I couldn’t agree more… we have to stop and sniff the flowers and exercise our eyes! The friend that will be staying with us I have known since we were 10 years old and we are both extremely good at watching movies! Santa Claus usually stops at his house and leaves a DVD or two for me there, so I’m sure that I’ll be watching something new (or very old) this Christmas.

  • Redneckprincess

    Yay!!! You are back…I was starting to think you fell off the world 🙂 Glad to read you again, I have missed you around here!!!

    • HoaiPhai

      You were kind of right but it has been more like the world fell on me! I’m not out of the woods yet but if I can get a couple of Baileys into the Mrs. at night, she’ll sleep in a bit delaying her introducing me to the job-jar perhaps giving me an hour or so of blog time!

  • elmediat

    Good work and thanks for the kind words. Looking forward to your next post. Remember, I have a free texture layer on Friday’s post, … see what you can create with it.

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