Season’s Greetings!

The season's holidays are especially special for our "little angels".

The very best thing about Christmas in North America is that it is trans-faith celebration. It’s more than just a celebration of Christ’s birth, it’s a celebration of life, family, friends, and the fellowship of Man.

Mrs. HoaiPhai was busy for a good part of the day.

She made all kinds of goodies for our friends and family.

Her cookie cutters got a bit of exercise this week.

Ahh, colourful sugary bits bring out the kid in me!

My blood sugar went up just from the aroma!

My wife and I have friends of all faiths and we exchange gifts and wishes at Christmas. But, of course, one of the very best gift one can receive is a tasty treat.

Mrs. HoaiPhai made something just for you!

Merry Christmas!!

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