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Your Guide to the Martial Arts

I was a teenager in the ’70s and one of the big crazes that caused a lot of craziness was the spike in interest in Asian martial arts. It seems like everyone was “Kung Fu fighting” (a terrible song, by the way). There was a lot of talk in the hallways of my high school over which particular discipline we should waste our parents’ money on by signing up for classes.

A lot of Kung Fu movies were hitting the cinemas, and the best fighter seemed to everyone to be Bruce Lee, but there weren’t many places to learn Kung Fu. So we’d sign up for whatever martial arts classes we could find and get into huge discussions about how whatever we were personally learning was better than whatever the other guy  was taking.

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Words What Bug Me

Language is fascinating. Some say it’s what sets us humans apart from all other life on Earth, although Koko the Gorilla might disagree. Whether that is true or not, language can be ugly, convey love, and bring a smile to one’s face or a tear to one’s eye.

I’m a big fan of the English language, in spite of being guilty of butchering and abusing it on a regular basis (so I figured I’d start with the butchering right off the bat in the title). One of its most wondrous properties is that it evolves and expands to allow us to continue to communicate our experiences in our increasingly complex world. I’ve noticed that along with ways to express new things and exciting new ways to describe things or situations that have lacklustre words associated with them, stupid new words and annoying new uses for old words have found their way into common usage as part of English’s “growth”. Continue reading

Olive Chicken

This being such a quick recipe, I just took a quick snap-flash picture... so quick in fact, it looks like I didn't take the time to change the colour space from my default printing colour space so it looks kind of muddy. It looks (and smells and tastes) much better in real life!

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Shocking Celebrity News

Sadly, Poppin' Fresh will rise no more.

Poppin’ Fresh, the Pillsbury Dough Boy, was found dead today in his stately loft upstairs from a bakery today after having endured a lengthy illness.

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Big ‘Uns

Photo by theyedropperworld... Edited and used according to Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 on this non-commercial blog.

Mmm… big ‘uns. I love ’em! I could spend ten minutes just staring at them and, in fact, if they’re really big I have to spend at least that much time to truly take them in. The beauty of their graceful form sometimes brings a tear to my eye. They don’t appear out of nowhere and spring up overnight… big ‘uns take a very long time to develop fully but, to me, they’re well worth the wait.

Don’t get me wrong… there’s nothing wrong with itty-bitty ‘uns. Little ones can be fun but, as far as I’m concerned, the bigger they are, the longer they hold my interest. I don’t think this admission should come as a surprise to anyone, in fact I’m under the impression that a lot of people think of me as a big ‘uns kind of guy, and anyone who does think that would be 100% correct!
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Back-to-back Honours

I’ve been blogging for less than eleven months now and in spite of my not churning out posts on a daily basis and infrequent visits to other people’s blogs, you, my readers, have remained loyal. So it came as quite the surprise to me that in the past little while I have been given not one but two awards.
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And while WP is Moving our Stats…

… it would be nice if they added to the “Top Posts” stats page more stats, like the number of words, comments, and photos therein, as well as the ability to toggle each field to order the data as one finds useful.

It would also be nice if we could display photos in the Media Library as a full-page grid… it takes forever searching through pages and pages of tiny thumbnails in the present one-per-line list.
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