What I Did on My Staycation: Part II

I stuck pretty close to home during the last leg of my 2012 Staycation.

For those of you just joining us, this is the third part (even though the title says “Part II” — the real first part was “The Prologue”) of my nine-day staycation tale! It’s the last one, I promise.

This instalment deals with what I did after Mrs. HoaiPhai’s family got on a plane and headed to California to begin Phase III of their own vacation.

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.

After close to a week of having house guests, I still had a couple of days left before I had to report back to the old grind. I figured I’d take it pretty easy and not work up too much of a sweat enjoying my last few days of freedom. Here’s what happened.

Day VI
  • I took a shower and walked naked from the bathroom to the bedroom.
  • Mrs. HoaiPhai and I straighten up and found a whole bunch of stuff that our visitors forgot to take with them. Alice was the biggest offender but her forgetfulness is understandable… she really didn’t want to leave. Among the articles she left was a t-shirt that my wife had bought in anticipation of Alice’s visit. What we didn’t know was that Alice had seen this very shirt on the Korean Old Navy (or Gap) website and when her mother tried to buy it, it was not available in Alice’s size. They then called Alice’s aunt in California who tried to order it from the American website and it was discontinued. Alice was ecstatic about getting this shirt so we’ll mail it to her tomorrow.
  • I run some errands and play some music in the car for the first time in a week.
  • Now that our supply of bone soup has been exhausted, we begin consuming the rest of the leftovers.
  • We watch a movie that has nothing to do with the Marx Brothers or the Three Stooges… the James Bond flick Tomorrow Never Dies. While the movie’s title screen rolls I cannot help thinking that I wish my staycation would never die.
  • With Mrs. HoaiPhai back at work, I begin writing Part I (the second instalment, really) of this staycation series of posts.
  • I play with my new toy, an iPad 2nd Generation, and pledge to myself to one day write a post about it.
  • During a trip to Costco to return stuff that Mrs. HoaiPhai bought for the visitors but could not be taken because of luggage weight restrictions, I discover some relatively minor blemishes on my car that look like the product of vandalism.
  • We continue eating leftovers, including stuff that I intended to serve our guests which was vetoed after I had bought and/or defrosted it. Tonight’s meal: smoked meat sandwiches, fiddleheads, and potato salad.
  • We watch the first two Dirty Harry movies.
  • I finish and post the second instalment of the Staycation saga.
  • I continue playing with the iPad.
  • Abandoning the idea of using the leftover spaghetti sauce to make stuffed peppers, I take the path of least resistance and just heat up the sauce and serve it over some sausage-stuffed tortellini that is approaching its best before date almost as fast as my staycation is drawing to a close.
  • We watch the third and fourth Dirty Harry movies and have a good laugh  during The Enforcer when Harry introduces himself at the brothel as Larry Dickman, a pseudonym Eastwood “borrowed” from Don Rickles’ act and used in real life to ensure anonymity when making reservations at hotels.

Yup, the machinery will be starting tomorrow when I go back to work. Hey, this sign gets me to thinking… if I have a mutilating workplace accident tomorrow, I wonder how long The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board will pay me to stay home?

Day IX
  • I find a bunch of craft supplies Mrs. HoaiPhai bought for Alice months ago.
  • I mow the lawn.
  • I throw this post together, trying to make it as brief as possible so none of my readers will feel it necessary to book a little time off of their own to get through it.
  • The leftovers gone, I ponder what to make for dinner.
  • I make a coffee and have a good cry after realizing that the next time I wake up I’ll have to go to work.
  • Checked the lotto tickets… still have to go to work tomorrow.
  • Try to find the instruction manual for my alarm clock… I’ve forgotten how to set it.
Final Tally for Phase II of My Staycation

Did very little, as according to plan. Success!

Now where did I put my anti-psychotic medicine for my first day back at work?

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8 responses to “What I Did on My Staycation: Part II

  • gingerfightback

    Just wanted to say I am loving this set of posts. To watch Clint too! Perfect holiday. Best wishes

  • Ape No. 1

    I too feel disappointed that your staycation is over. These posts had me hooked. I also googled Fiddleheads and now know a food source that not only is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 but also resembles a curled up millipede.

    • HoaiPhai

      Ha-ha! You caught that curled up bug imagery, eh? My wife, a confirmed bugophobe, tries to wash them but every once in a while she expels a very audible “Eeek!” when she mistakes a fiddlehead, or some small feature thereof, as being some threat. They taste great… sort of like spinach but with a bit of a bitter taste and a much nicer consistency that you can really sink your teeth into. A squirt of lime and some butter is all they need.

  • Stepping My Way to Bliss

    FOUR Dirty Harry movies? Who knew? Sounds like your staycation and family visit were both lovely. I love taking staycations too. It is hard to have my husband fully commit to them (like not answering his cell phone)but they are a great way to go out and do or see things we normally wouldn’t in our area. Cute story about the T-shirt for Alice! I hope she gets it before too long.

    • HoaiPhai

      Yup, four. And we would have watched the fifth, Dead Pool (with Canadian Jim Carey as the murder victim) since then.

      We mailed off the t-shirt and Alice was pleased to hear that she’ll be able to wear it again before long. Popo the Teddy Bear didn’t fare so well during the guests’ final California portion of their vacation. They were camping at Yosemite Park and one night Alice thought that Popo was getting cold, so she held him a little too close to the fire and scorched a bit of fur on one of his arms. She’s feeling a lot of regret and guilt and giving Popo a lot of love to say how sorry she is.

  • The Hook

    Talk about a full plate! Hang in there, buddy!

    • HoaiPhai

      I’m not a big fan of bone soup so any plate of it put in front of me more than one day in a raw is too full indeed! It was really great to break the routine even if that meant ramping up my activity level for a few days.

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