Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

My sister-in-law peddling along the Welland Canal. [recycled image from one of my previous posts]

Movement. Anyone who knows me will tell you I avoid it except when it involves acquiring food. I try to justify my sloth by claiming to preserve energy lest I contribute to accelerating the heat death of the universe.

This guy few over my back yard, along with about a dozen of his car paint ruining buddies, a few short weeks ago. [recycled image from one of my previous posts]

Hey, I’m so lazy I’m reusing some photos from old posts so I can put off for as long as possible walking upstairs to the computers where my pictures live.

My sloth seems to be spreading — there has been very little happening in my backyard all week, just a few birds and one or two squirrels, but no Niagara lawn minks (skunks). I took the video above to show you the only vigorous movement I saw all day yesterday, which was pretty warm at ~28° C or ~82° F. There was some major activity at Mrs. HoaiPhai’s fly trap, which she just cleaned out the day before and refilled with her secret recipe of rice water and tofu chili sauce which, apparently, is irresistible to flies.

Clean as a whistle… no “dog movements” were left here. [recycled image from one of my previous posts]

Now I could have taken a slightly more energetic approach to this week’s photo challenge by walking around the neighbourhood and taking shots of the dog doo around the hydrants on my street, but I just didn’t feel like it.

This amphibious car has the right idea… anchoring itself to it’s parking space.  [recycled image from one of my previous posts]

Sometimes I’ll lug my 20- something pound camera bag out of the house, but not today! There was just so much nothing not to catch up on. I took a nap.

I like watching the Moon move… watching grass grow is too slow even for the likes of me! [recycled image from one of my previous posts]

I don’t mind watching things move, just as long as I don’t have to move along with them.

I like my photos shaken, not stirred. [recycled image from one of my previous posts]

Sometimes what I’m photographing stays still but I don’t.

My yew tree in fairly high winds. Nope, I haven’t posted this one before but I took it months ago.

Other times things you wouldn’t expect to move very much do, and other times things that end to move very fast meet your expectations.

A blue jay skedaddling with a peanut. I took this one four years ago and it was in the first folder I looked in, saving me a lot of trouble and energy.

One of the best ways to move is to have a machine do it for you, preferably on a twisty road at night.

Hope you found my photos “moving”!

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16 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

  • Ape No. 1

    Damn, your sister-in-law is fast! Did she hit the magic 88 mile an hour mark?

    • HoaiPhai

      Ha-ha! She had just taught herself to ride a bike (which is no easy task in Seoul traffic) before she came for a visit a few years ago when I took (and re-tooled) this shot. She felt so free being able to fly along at speed under her own power on the path along the canal, virtually unchallenged by Hyundais.

      Was the video working when you read this post? Last night when I got this post up, the video was working when viewed on my PC, but this morning on the “fruity tablet” (Why should I continue plugging the Apple iPad by name?), the clip wasn’t there but there was just the cryptic YouTube URL impolitely inserted within my text.

  • clownonfire

    There are some great shots in there. So am I to understand that you are a solid writer and accomplished photographer, and lived in Montreal? You know, I don’t usually hang around people who make me look less capable… Hmm…
    Le Clown

    • HoaiPhai

      Many thanks! If by solid writer you meant a guy who’s pudgy around the middle and has only been able to churn out a post twice a month then I’m that guy. I enjoy taking photos but a marketting and/or buisness whiz I am not… I’ve done some for the company I work for (investing over $500 in a flash unit that came in very handy for the stuff they wanted) and I got paid not in cash, but was surprised with a voucher for a 5-star meal at one of the company’s restaurants.

      Photographically, it was a huge mistake moving from Montreal… so picturesque with so many looks and so much going on. When I was a teen and just getting into photography, I’d sometimes skip school and head downtown to the area around St. Catherine and Crescent and just roam through the galleries and repro houses.

      Please don’t shun me because of a couple of nice photos! Next time I’m back home I’ll do a portrait of you and I’ll gladly accept payment in the form of a Shwartz’s, Buffet Vichy, Pendelli’s Pizza, or Mr. Steer gift card. I’d also be happy to accept a case of Boreale Rousse or one of those chocolate mocha cakes that are available in every grocery store on the island for $6 but are better than the pastries found here in the fancy-shmancy bakeries.

  • Carl D'Agostino

    I don’t know anything about photography but like this movement stuff. Adds a fourth dimension to the pictures.

    • HoaiPhai

      I agree. Lately I’ve been experimenting with adding the third dimension (depth) to photos. I take a photo where there is good contrast (especially between primary colours and, specifically, the individual colours of my printers’ inks), very shallow depth-of-field, and the printing on “metallic paper” (which is paper but has a subtle mother-of-pearl coating on it). The photo below is quite mesmerizing using this technique.

      Cool picture

  • intuitivejuliemarie

    Just lazily stopping by for my latest dose of smile Rx. Can’t write TOO much. Will waste energy…

  • Dave Farmer

    That’s a new one on me – a bird “skedaddling” a peanut! What a cool word! I’ll have to remember that one. My favourite photo of the lot!

    • HoaiPhai

      It’s a very cool word, in a funky old fashioned way — I guess it’s a North Americanism. Whenever I hear it, it sounds like a term a grandfather would use or like it should be said in a south-eastern United States accent. I guess you’ve already looked the meaning up but I haven’t. To me it means “to flee in a hurry”.

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    • HoaiPhai

      I have a funny feeling that you’re just auto-generated spam but seeing as I haven’t been active lately and andso few comments have come in, I’ll leave yours up. G-day!

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