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My All-time Favourite Models (with a Side of Fractalius)


Mrs. HoaiPhai has beautiful eyes, and this is the nicer of the two.

I love taking photos of just about everything but by far the most daunting subjects are people and other living creatures. They also happen to yield the most rewarding images if everything works out. My problem with living subjects is twofold…

  1. Living subjects tend to move occasionally and I have a leisurely photographic technique and slow reflexes, and…
  2. I hate having my own picture taken so I imagine that my subjects are similarly photophobic, causing me to feel uncomfortable imposing myself on them (even if they’ve requested me to photograph them).

Linda Evangelista, Heidi Klum, and Cindy Crawford are professional models and are good-looking (no, not all models are attractive) but they have nothing on my own favourite amateur models. What makes a good model, in my opinion, is someone who… Continue reading

My Response to “100 Reasons Not to Look at Porn”


Well, with exactly what kind of photo did you expect me to head off a post about pornography? Did you really think I would risk my blog’s more-or-less good standing as being family-friendly by having a nudie shot right up top for everyone to see? Anyway, a shaggy dog seems quite appropriate considering this post weighs in at around 8,000 words. Don’t worry, it’s long but fairly painless — most of it is in numbered point form.

I was sniffing around the interwebs and came across several references to what looks like a now-defunct comment thread entitled, “100 Reasons Not to Look at Porn”. As near as I can figure it, this page dates back to February of 2010 and was part of a site that had been around since at least as far back as 2007. described itself thus:

“Teens Against Pornography is an online community where teens who are struggling with sexual purity can seek advice, prayer, and support.”

My best guess is that the page was put up as a project for a church’s youth group that had a number of members struggling with resisting temptation to look at porn. Apparently someone came up with the idea that the group’s members could support each other in their quest to become porn-free by sharing their own private reasons for thinking that staring at porn is not the best way to spend time. I guess they opted for an on-line forum to discuss this issue instead of bringing it up at meetings because… Continue reading

Champix (a.k.a. Chantix) Helped Me Get Off My Butts

Chained Ashtray

This is the last actual ashtray I ever used. I picked it up at a truck stop a couple of years ago and was struck by the ironic symbolism of the chain encircling it, a commentary on how its owner is a slave to his/her addiction. I also bought it because it looks kind of funky and was ½-off.

WARNING: This post relates my most recent attempt at quitting smoking. Reading it will likely cause smokers to cringe, ex-smokers to break out in their own quitting-smoking narratives, and non-smokers to wonder what all the fuss is about.

This winter I stopped smoking.

Five little words but I already have two things to explain. The first thing is that unlike a lot of people who say they have “quit”, I prefer to use the word “stop” because I’ve gone through denying myself cigarettes for long periods of time before — sometimes for  years — only to go back to smoking, and I’ve done that more than once. Judging from my own personal past experience, “stopped” is a probably a more accurate description of my present status but if I ever upgrade my confidence that I’ll never ever become an “addicto smoker” again, I’ll let you know and proclaim that I have quit. I know avoiding the standard word “quit” sounds non-committal and weasely but, frankly, I feel that I’m just being cautiously realistic. Continue reading