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Your Guide to the Martial Arts

I was a teenager in the ’70s and one of the big crazes that caused a lot of craziness was the spike in interest in Asian martial arts. It seems like everyone was “Kung Fu fighting” (a terrible song, by the way). There was a lot of talk in the hallways of my high school over which particular discipline we should waste our parents’ money on by signing up for classes.

A lot of Kung Fu movies were hitting the cinemas, and the best fighter seemed to everyone to be Bruce Lee, but there weren’t many places to learn Kung Fu. So we’d sign up for whatever martial arts classes we could find and get into huge discussions about how whatever we were personally learning was better than whatever the other guy  was taking.

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TV Time Review: “Man with a Camera”

Starring: Charles Bronson.
Notable Guest Stars: Sebastian Cabot, Yvonne Craig, Angie Dickinson, Gavin MacLeod.
Aired: Two seasons, from 1958 to 1960, on ABC.

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Things My Godfather Taught Me

Well, OK. He wasn’t really my godfather but whenever I sit down in front of the television and pop the DVD in my VCR, a small part of me wishes that I too were a Corleone. The rest of me wishes that I had put the disk into the DVD player. The intricacies of the technology aside, The Godfather Trilogy is perhaps my favourite chunk of cinematic entertainment of all time.

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