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I Want to be a Star

That’s right, you heard me. I want to be a star!

I don’t want to be a real star like Sir Lawrence Olivier, Marlon Brando, or even Don Knotts. The money sounds good but it seems like way too much work. Besides, I have a proven track record for forgetting lines dating back to Grade 1. In fact, I was the world’s first recorded case of pediatric ulcer as a direct result of the stress of the “write a poem at home and recite it in class without looking” hour in school. I want to be one of those “celebrities for no good reason” (CFNGR) that are so popular today.

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Head in the Clouds: A Case of Pareidolia

Eagle's Head

We humans are social creatures who depend on our ability to recognize others. It is not hard to imagine how ancient Man stood a better chance of survival if able to diferentiate friend from foe. Over the millenia, our brains became hard-wired to search for other people’s faces, analyse their features, and to identify the person, all done on a neurological fast track that prioritizes the process of facial recognition.
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Celebrating 1,000 Hits

Happy 1,000th!

I started this blog on April 7 of this year as a creative outlet and, more importantly, as a way for me to vent. Today the number of hits surpassed 1,000! That averages out to 8 hits per day, which may not sound like much to some of you heavy hitters of blogging but, frankly, I’m amazed. It’s kind of a rush, actually.

I have to mention a few who were responsible for the popularity…
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If Anthony Weiner Can Send Pictures of His Junk through His Cellphone, I Can Post Pictures of Mine on This Blog!

My Junk

I don’t know what the big deal is.

Hello World!

Welcome to my inaugural blog entry! I am HoaiPhai.

Why I am blogging

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a long, long time. The original idea was to write about things that I really enjoy, such as photography, friendships, and the fun stuff we step in as we walk down life’s path. I just never seemed to have the time to create my own blog.

Then my brother started talking about what he calls “blogging”, which was

How can you see the pretty picture with the cursor and this message over it?

Sunrise ushers in a new day and a blog is born

 basically just commenting on news stories found on-line. The range of opinions on the stories was sometimes alarming, but always interesting and thought-provoking. The sites welcomed input from readers and stated that comments were moderated, so thinking that an impartial professional was ensuring that free speech, within reason, would be respected, I began adding my own comments.

I found that on one Canadian news site that moderated all comments, more often than not my comments would not make it into the threads. On other semi-moderated sites my comments would disappear, sometimes within seconds of my having posted them. Other times my opinions would fall victim to having been flagged by other readers as inappropriate.

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