Eat Sheets

Eat Sheets!

Prepare all the same delicacies enjoyed by HoaiPhai, his family, and his friends! The recipes don’t require any specialized knowledge or equipment and are sure to find their way into your family’s menu rotation.

Olive Chicken: A full-flavoured dish that’s really easy to prepare in anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour (depending on how many ingredients you choose to include). View on-line here or download the printable PDF here.

Authentic Bangladeshi Red Lentils (Monsoor Dahl) Recipe: This colourful no-meat recipe is a spicy accompaniment to other dishes, including meat if you are so inclined, and is not that hard to make. View on-line here or download the printable PDF here.

Still Under Construction

This page will gradually be updated with a complete list of this blog’s recipes and links to downloadable and printable PDFs.

Under Construction! Please check back later for more recipes!

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