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What To Do When Your Back Is Against The Wall


“The Italian Wall” is a bane to The Redneck Princess. From this angle it doesn’t look to me like a major eyesore but the imposition of obstructions can be vexing to those who for many years have had the benefit of scenic vistas.
Photo courtesy TheRedneckPrincess.net… if “courtesy” means that I snagged it off her site without her express permission.

Welcome back, boys and girls, to Uncle HoaiPhai’s problem solving club!

This week we will be tackling a problem The Redneck Princess is having with her neighbours in Abbottabad Abbotsford, BC — a problem so vexing to her that she has written at least twice about it on her own blog, here and here.

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Photographic Advice to the Young

A Tangle of Bikes - A rusty memory from a bygone era (the early 1970s).

We are living in very exciting times, and times are even more exciting when you’re young. There’s always something going on and, being in school, the only way you’ll ever be in contact with as many people when you’re older is to become an incredible superstar, like Keanu Reeves. Continue reading

How Not to Be a Jerky Hotel Guest

Hotel Sevilla, Incheon, South Korea

Hotel Sevilla, Incheon, South Korea

I’m not the most well-travelled guy in the world but I am old enough to have accumulated my share of hotel time in Canada, Jamaica, and South Korea. I’m not very demanding, either as a hotel guest or otherwise. Give me a non-leaking roof, a bed without creepy-crawlies, a T.V., a temperature between 15° and 25° C, and a Western Hemisphere-style sit-down toilet and I’m pleased as punch, especially if the room doesn’t cost as much as a trip to the dentist. I guess the relative novelty of the whole experience, my deep respect for others, and my easy-going nature makes it hard for me to understand how some people act the way they do in hotels. Continue reading