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Painting with Light on Carlton Street

I was checking out a blog entry by greysqrl called, coincidentally, “Painting with Light” and it reminded me of the fun and feeling of satisfaction one gets from “light painting”.

I took this picture on Carleton Street in western Niagara-on-the-Lake using a multi-million candlepower torch for illumination while the camera, a Nikon CP5700, sat on a tripod.
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Head in the Clouds: A Case of Pareidolia

Eagle's Head

We humans are social creatures who depend on our ability to recognize others. It is not hard to imagine how ancient Man stood a better chance of survival if able to diferentiate friend from foe. Over the millenia, our brains became hard-wired to search for other people’s faces, analyse their features, and to identify the person, all done on a neurological fast track that prioritizes the process of facial recognition.
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The Niagara Crop-Hyphen: The Final Frontier

Alternate Title: “Milking the Milky Way”

Looks like the strange little green guys have left.

My wife and I were not what they came for… this time.

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Update on the Niagara Crop-Hyphen

Looking out my patio door this morning to see what was going on with The Niagara Crop-Hyphen in my neighbour’s yard…


Oh, Momma!

 [If you have not seen “My Close Encounter of the Second Kind“, this post probably won’t make much sense to you. If you want to know how this all turns out, point your browser towards “The Niagara Crop-Hyphen: The Final Frontier“]

My Close Encounter of the Second Kind

The crop-hyphen, as seen from my window on the universe (my back door).

I’ve just discovered a rather odd thing that appears to be a crop circle here in Niagara, Ontario, Canada. It’s in my neighbour’s backyard and is clearly visible from my back door.

It literally appeared overnight and my wife and I saw and heard nothing, not even the high-pitched humming, buzzing, or clicking sounds that are sometimes reported in such situations. Neither of us woke up with our pants on backwards so we’re pretty sure that we weren’t probed by any aliens. Continue reading