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The Be Your Own Boss Kit

We all need to feel useful, don’t we? One of the things that validates us is having a good job and that’s why being unemployed is so stressful, even if finances are not an immediate concern. If you know someone who’s out of work and want to really stick it to them and don’t mind hitting below the belt, start talking about their employment situation. I know how devastating it can be because I was once on the receiving end of the dreaded “Job Talk”. Continue reading

I’m Looking for Work and I Need Your Help

I think I’ve mentioned to you once or twice over the past ten months or so I’ve been blogging that I’m not a huge fan of working. It’s not that I don’t enjoy being productive or drawing a pay-cheque, it’s just that working for someone else is a major drag. Unfortunately, I possess no business sense and even less risk tolerance so it looks like I’m destined to spend my life punching someone else’s clock.
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The Other Way of Quitting

I regularly contribute to an Employee Administered Retirement Savings Plan (I buy lotto tickets) because I hate working. It’s not that I don’t like the people I work with or that the job itself is particularly painful, it’s just that life is short and there are any number of things I would rather spend forty hours doing every week, like flossing with rusty piano wire. Due to some poor planning years ago, I will never be able to retire on the peanuts I’m paid. My only hope is to hit all seven numbers on the lottery.

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