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Toronto Politician Proposes Municipal Brothel

How many analogies between prostitution (or prostitutes) and this perfume bottle can you draw? Author's apology: Sorry that I could not provide you with an image of an actual sex-worker... my wife wouldn't let me go out and photograph one, even in the interest of journalistic thoroughness.

Politicians do some strange things for votes, such as sampling exotic foods at constituents’ cultural celebrations, cutting ribbons at grand openings, and getting their personal hands dirty pitching in on factory production lines. They even drag their spouses into doling out meals at soup kitchens. These things are all done as part of self-promotional photo-ops, of course, and not on their own time.

One Toronto city councillor was the subject of such a photo shoot during a lunch break from his duties at City Hall. The photos got the public’s attention because the councillor in question’s policy on the sex trade was a get-tough, clean-up-the-streets sort of attitude, the meal in question was taken at a strip joint, and the paparazzi had not been invited — it was, if you will, a surprise photo-op! The politician’s response to questions of why a down-on-the-sex-trade peoples’ representative would be in an adult bar was that he was doing a spot-check to make sure everything was on the up-and-up. Continue reading