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Shut Up and Sing

I love a good song. Who doesn’t? There’s something about music playing in the background that imparts upon the human voice greater beauty and increased credibility. The gestalt of the whole music/vocal experience is a magical thing.

But a few years ago I did a really stupid thing… I read the lyrics while not listening to a song and found the underlying meaning to be so humdrum it eroded the song’s beauty. So now while I still enjoy music, I understand that if I don’t scrutinize the actual meaning of a song’s lyrics, I just might be hypnotized into believing whatever drivel is being sung. The corollary to this is that if I really like a song, I don’t read the lyrics with the speakers turned off.
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Break-up Letters I Have Known

There are more actual photos of "Dear John" letters following a thousand or so words of wisdom.

The Captain and Tennille said it best… “Love will keep us together”. They publicly declared their love for each other to millions of people in the ’70s who voluntarily (or otherwise) listened to their song. Where are The Captain and Tennille now? Not together. I guess they fell out of love.

See how that works? Falling out of love is the great deal-breaker. Anything that was ever said between you and your former lover — every single promise — is now null and void.
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