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Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Kind of a prophetic theme for The Challenge this week… Windows.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my computer for the past month or so. In its old age it had been getting harder and harder to turn it on and then last week it just wouldn’t do anything more than make an “urr-URR-uur… tink” sound. One of my superpowers is knowing when women have had enough of my company, so I applied this knowledge to the fine art of computer troubleshooting. Continue reading

Happy Hallowe’en, Costco!


Wow! Did Hallowe’en ever sneak up on me this year or what? I was down at the local Costco a couple of days ago on Saturday, July 30 buying a dufflebag-sized container of peanuts, a megaliter of coffee cream, and a palette of cigarettes when I noticed that they have already started stocking Hallowe’en candies and stuff!

Don’t get me wrong, aside from being a huge fan of Hallowe’en I absolutely love shopping at Costco. It’s my number one favourite one-stop shop for just about everything I need. Continue reading