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Champix (a.k.a. Chantix) Helped Me Get Off My Butts

Chained Ashtray

This is the last actual ashtray I ever used. I picked it up at a truck stop a couple of years ago and was struck by the ironic symbolism of the chain encircling it, a commentary on how its owner is a slave to his/her addiction. I also bought it because it looks kind of funky and was ½-off.

WARNING: This post relates my most recent attempt at quitting smoking. Reading it will likely cause smokers to cringe, ex-smokers to break out in their own quitting-smoking narratives, and non-smokers to wonder what all the fuss is about.

This winter I stopped smoking.

Five little words but I already have two things to explain. The first thing is that unlike a lot of people who say they have “quit”, I prefer to use the word “stop” because I’ve gone through denying myself cigarettes for long periods of time before — sometimes for  years — only to go back to smoking, and I’ve done that more than once. Judging from my own personal past experience, “stopped” is a probably a more accurate description of my present status but if I ever upgrade my confidence that I’ll never ever become an “addicto smoker” again, I’ll let you know and proclaim that I have quit. I know avoiding the standard word “quit” sounds non-committal and weasely but, frankly, I feel that I’m just being cautiously realistic. Continue reading