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What I Did on My Christmas Vacation

Every year the residents of this St. Catharines road go all-out with the Christmas decorations. The street's actual name is Rio Lane but it will always be Griswald Avenue to me.

Every year the residents of this St. Catharines, Ontario road go all-out with the Christmas decorations. The street’s actual name is Rio Lane but it will always be Griswald Avenue to me.

I know what you must be thinking… “We’re into June and HoaiPhai is just getting around to doing his Christmas post-game show. He must have had one hell of a vacation!” The short answer to that question, which if you were paying attention you would have realized wasn’t even a question in the first place, is “yes and no”.

Gone are the days when I’d go to a New Year’s Eve party and sometime around the middle of February wake up in a ditch penniless and hungover with a new crop of cold sores and my pants on backwards. This Christmas wasn’t one for the record books in that sense but, hey, I only got two extra days off work this year. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

The entrance to Port Dalhousie, St. Catharines, Ontario predawn.

A man working on a ship that is crippled in The Welland Canal holds a ladder secure.

Here are my Weekly Photo Challenge contributions for this week. Seeing as my first two weekly entries each contained only one image, I committed myself to post more this time around. For better or worse, here are fourteen shots on the topic of “Entrance”.

I know that many people specialize in taking photographs of doorways, either for fun or profit. When I first heard of this speciality, I thought that their image collections must be quite boring but it is amazing how interesting a skilled photographer can make images of a single narrow subject.

After going through about 15,000 thumbnails this morning I learned something about myself… I’m not one of those guys! In the past I’ve thought about walking around and get the feel of this type of subject but never really got around to it except for one time. When I went to take a picture of my very first door, the owner of the house came running out and protested my efforts to immortalize his door on the silicone chip of my camera. Feeling like I didn’t have the requisite martial arts training that seemed useful in pursuing this art, I went and took a couple of landscape shots. Willows and beaches rarely kick up a fuss when a camera is pointed at them. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

Looking north across the DMZ into North Korea on a very rainy day.

I’ve been to South Korea twice and the thing that strikes me about the country is the mountains. They’re absolutely everywhere! Often obscured by the smog, they’re always beautiful and are the homes to many of the country’s great temples. The great metropolis of Seoul yields to its many mountains — its many districts are defined by the steep and uninhabitable mountains that provide a natural border between the neighbourhoods. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

Strafed Korean War Locomotive

The photo above was taken on November 3 of 2009 with my Nikon D300 in Gyeonggi-do, South-Korea.

The locomotive was strafed during the Korean War and remained in place until a few years ago when it was recovered from the DMZ and brought to South Korea. It was de-rusted, preserved, and put on display at the Imjingak War Memorial as a reminder of the horrors of war. Continue reading