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Recumbent Review: The Seriously Versatile AF-S DX Nikkor 18-200mm 3.5-5.6G ED VR

After about 24 hours of being in transit, I took this photo from a moving car just after having been picked up at the airport. The camera and the 18-200 got a fairly good shot in spite of my exhaustion. That's the South Korean Parliament building with the domed roof under a Seoul sunset.

About the Recumbent Reviews

Welcome to the fourth Recumbent Review!

This series of articles examines photographic equipment and accessories from an ordinary user’s point of view. You’ll find none of that snooty “I’m an expert so my opinion is the final word” guff you get from the professional reviewers you’ll find elsewhere on the interwebs. I’m too lazy and inept to go into a detailed technical analysis involving resolution tests, discussions on acutance, or anything else involving experimentation, exacting measurement, or a scholarly comparison with other equipment, but I’ll certainly not hold back on opinion and speculation. Ranting and raving are par for the course!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy yourself while learning all about stuff that will help you take better pictures and cost you money you should be putting toward your children’s college fund or something pink and frilly for your wife (or husband).

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